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The latest tips and tricks about sales and lead generation

What will happen with sales after the pandemic?

What will happen to sales when the world returns to normal?
Some key takeaways of the Linkedin State of Sales whitepaper.

How to optimize your Linkedin profile for social selling?

All tips and tricks to optimize your Linkedin profile for social selling to get more sales.

Struggling to sell?

Check these 8 tips and see if you still struggle

The 6 different types of objections that stops you from closing the sale

If you know the traits of the different objections, you prepare yourself to overcome them and turn them into opportunities. Learn about the 6 different objections to every sales pitch and learn how to handle them.

How to close more and better deals with these 10 negotiation tactics

Keep these in mind and these 10 tactics will lead to more deals and better deals!

Find new prospects via Linkedin without a Sales Navigator account

And receive a targeted prospects list for free

How to win friends and influence people

Written by Dale Carnegie. This is one of the most important books for sellers. Here is a book summary of the 11 most important sales tips.

The best kept secret for commercial succes

Which discipline has a direct impact on your commercial results? 


Super Mario Marketing! It is still the most common mistake in marketing: selling the product instead of the result.

How to stand our from your competitors

In today’s highly competitive business world, it is essential for companies to stand out from their competitors. Here are 7 tips for doing just that.

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