New generation leads

Lead Generation

Bringing Clients To You

We bring you new business to business clients by our innovative way of generating leads. We reach out to targeted potential prospects out of your (sales representative’s) name. But not before we created a strong online persona which creates trust with your potential buyers.

1. Sales strategy

Together we create the optimal sales strategy for your business.

2. IDENTIFYING prospects

We do desk research and map interesting prospects for your business. 

3. Build online AUTHORITY

We create an online authority of you or your sales representatives. We update the Linkedin profile and make sure that the first online impression is the right one. 


4. pitch

We write the basis of a pitch no one can resist which can be personalized per prospect later.

5. reaching out

Based upon the sales strategy we reach out to the identified prospect from the updated Linkedin profile with a personalized pitch.

6. meeting

We arrange meetings for you or your sales representatives with potential client who really do have a need or interest in your product of serivce. 

7. conversion

You or your sales representatives convert the meeting into a sale. 

8. grow your business

You grow your business with more clients, more turnover and more profit.

9. dashboard

In your personal dashboard you can view the data and graphs of the success. 

Reach Your Ideal Client

We open the conversation between your company and your ideal client. We grow your business network, increase your brand awareness and ensure that you or your representatives come to the table with the ideal customer.

Build Authority

We build an online authority for your sales people. Because the first online impression has the be the right one!  

Our Inbound Method

Get into the picture

First we make sure that your ideal client knows of the existance of your company and your sales representative. We do this by subtle coming into the picture, i.e. by looking at their Linkedin profile out of name from your sales rep, liking their posts or an specifically targeted ad. 

Create interest

We create interest in your product or service by highlighting your unique selling points which should fit with the need of your ideal client.


After that we engage with your ideal client by sending them a short message via your sales rep’s Linkedin account (without needin to know their login credentials) or engaging on their linkedin posts. We settle the appointment for you and your sales rep can close the deal.