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CRM Consultancy

We implement or optimize your CRM 

Unlock the full potential of your customer relationships with New Generation Leads’ CRM Consultancy Service. Tailored to your unique business processes, we offer a specialized 10-step method for integrating leading Customer Relationship Management systems: HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Teamleader. From assessing your needs to providing ongoing support, our approach ensures a seamless, custom-fit CRM solution that aligns perfectly with your company’s objectives. Embrace modern selling techniques and elevate your customer management to new heights with our expert guidance and support.

1. Needs Assessment

Before diving into the integration process, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business needs, current systems, and desired outcomes. This helps us understand the scope and requirements of the integration.

2. Platform Selection

If you haven’t already chosen a CRM, based on our assessment, we
recommend the best-fit CRM platform (Hubspot vs Pipedrive) that aligns with your business.

3. Customization

Every business is unique, and so are its CRM needs. We customise the
CRM’s features and fields to align with your specific business processes.

4. Data Mapping

We identify key data points from your existing systems and map them to
the corresponding fields in the CRM. This ensures data consistency and accuracy


5. Data Migration

Using secure and efficient tools, we transfer your existing data into the
CRM system, ensuring that no data is lost or corrupted in the process.

6. Automation:

We automate and eliminate boring administration tasks as much as

7. Integration Testing

Before going live, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the
CRM integrates flawlessly with your other systems, be it marketing automation tools, sales platforms, or customer support systems.

8. Training

We can provide hands-on training to your team, ensuring they are comfortable
and proficient in using the integrated CRM system. This includes both technical training and best practices.

9. Monitoring & Feedback:

Post-integration, we continuously monitor the CRM’s performance to ensure it’s running smoothly. We also gather feedback from your team to make any necessary adjustments.

10. Ongoing Support

Our relationship doesn’t end after integration. We provide ongoing
support to address any challenges, updates, or enhancements you might need in the future.
Periodically, we can review the CRM’s performance and outcomes. Based on these insights,
we suggest and implement optimizations to ensure the system remains aligned with your
evolving business needs.


Pipedrive is a user-friendly CRM tool focused on sales pipeline management. Its key features include visual sales tracking, goal setting, lead management, customizable reporting, and workflow automation. Ideal for small to medium businesses, it integrates with various apps and offers mobile accessibility. Businesses seeking to optimize sales processes and improve lead conversion rates can greatly benefit from Pipedrive, especially with professional setup and customization assistance.


We build an online authority for your sales people. Because the first online impression has the be the right one!  


TeamLeader is a multifunctional CRM and project management software ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers efficient customer relationship and deal management, integrated project planning and collaboration, streamlined invoicing and quote generation, and accurate time tracking. Designed for seamless business operations, TeamLeader enhances productivity and operational efficiency. Professional implementation support can tailor the platform to specific business needs, maximizing its benefits.