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The best secret for commercial succes

The best secret for commercial succes

Which discipline has a direct impact on your commercial results?


Copywriting is the most underrated discipline for commercial succes. Here are 10 practical copywriting tips for more commercial success:

1 Visualize the benefit:

Wrong: Because of our app you have more free time

Right: Because of our app you have more time for friends and family

2 Replace abstract with concrete

Wrong: A bottle of Coke contains lots of sugar

Right: A bottle of Coke contains 40 sugar cubes

3 Do the “So what” test

Wrong: Remote working places high demands on our IT equipment. That’s why we’re going to upgrade all devices. SO WHAT?….

Right: To make remote working even easier, you will receive a new laptop next week

4. Substantiate general claims

Wrong: our service is fast

Right: Receive a reply within 24 hours Right

5 Rebut objections immediately


Download now! (Probably I have to leave my email address)

Try this product! (Probably takes a lot of time) 


Download now, without email!
Try this product within 5 minutes!

6 Benefit instead of futures

Wrong: 2500 BTU Cooling Unit (25m2)

Right: Your home office cool all day long

7 Write the way you talk

Wrong: Install our app without contractual obligations

Right: Try us 2 weeks for free

8 It’s not about you

Wrong: We are going to improve your email-marketing

Right: In this way you get more results from your email-marketing

9 Make it painfull

Wrong: A low energy bill is nice

Right: A high energy bill is throwing money away

10 Ask rethorical questions

Wrong: You probably sometimes doubt about your marketing strategy

Right: Do you sometimes have doubts about your marketing strategy?

This question will put a thinking process going 

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