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Kyrre Garseth

Kyrre Garseth

Country manager Benelux and Germany

“New Generation Leads has given Simplifai a huge kickstart in terms of getting in touch with the right prospects. We are very satisfied with the number of appointments and its quality. Although the sales processes with large banks and insurers take a long time, we have already been able to take large steps with some potential clients and I am sure that business will come out of the campaign. The collaboration with New Generation Leads will definitely pay off.”

Founded in 2017, Simplifai has a proven AI solution for the financial and insurance industries to automatically handle emails or insurance claims.

With the help of intelligent process automation, Simplifai helps organizations automate their work processes involving chat, email handling and document processing. The AI solutions are easy to implement, easy to use and require no knowledge of code. They are trained to accurately interpret free text, categorize it, and facilitate appropriate actions.

With the help of Intelligent Process Automation, Simplifai offers a kind of digital employee. Time-consuming and repetitive tasks are delegated to an Emailbot, Chatbot and Documentbot via Intelligent Process Automation. At Simplifai, they strive to improve the quality of work, customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

The problem

Simplifai already has a number of great customers in the Benelux and Germany, such as NH1816 insurance and Van Ameyde. And now Simplifai is ready to help more banks and insurers automate and more efficiently handle emails, claims and documents via AI.

Because this AI software from Simplifai is so innovative and new, many banks and insurers are not aware of the possibilities of Simplifai’s technology. It was therefore necessary to make this known to the right companies / prospects. In addition, Simplifai did not knew the right contacts within the prospects. Since these are long sales processes, it was important to start tapping into the right contacts as soon as possible.

The solution

After an initial conversation, it soon became clear that New Generation Leads could help Simplifai with this by applying the right sales strategy via LinkedIn. First, New Generation Leads, together with Simplifai, determined the ideal prospect. These are influencers and decision makers at C-level at banks and insurers in the Benelux and Germany. New Generation Leads then started looking for these ideal prospects and searched banks and insurers with the corresponding contacts. In the meantime, we have fully optimized the LinkedIn profile of the Simplifai employee. Finally, we thought about the right messages that can be sent to the prospects. We eventually approached the prospects via LinkedIn.

The result of the first six months

581 relevant people have been added as a connection to the Linkedin network of the Simplifai employee.

More than 2500+ people have come into contact with Simplifai.

There have been 289 conversations via Linkedin.

This has led to 40 appointments with influencers and decision-makers at C-level at banks and insurers.

Including agreements with the COO of one of the largest banks in the Netherlands and the CEO of one of the largest insurers in Belgium.

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