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Find new prospects via Linkedin without a Sales Navigator account

How to find new prospects via Linkedin without a Sales Navigator account


Why Linkedin?

Linkedin is a great tool for prospecting and lead generation. Business development managers and sales managers can find new prospects by searching for potential customers in their industry, or browsing through the LinkedIn profiles of companies in their industry.

Over 20% of LinkedIn users can make buying decisions for their business. Linkedin has at least 61 million influencers and 40 million decision makers. It is also the most widely used social media platform among Fortune 500 companies, so chances are that your audience is already on the site.

“Linkedin is for jobs, not for sales”

Most people spend time on Linkedin updating their resume, finding new career opportunities, and connecting with other business professionals for personal recommendations. But how many people take advantage of the fact that you can generate leads from the platform?

Through LinkedIn, savvy salespeople can not only make an impactful first impression but also create a company profile to share information about their products or services. By generating leads through LinkedIn marketing efforts like posting blogs on your company page or making connections with prospects through message threads, some companies are able to convert as many as 80% of all new inquiries into paying clients!

The benefits of using LinkedIn lead gen are that it saves time, allows the business to focus on selling instead of cold acquisition, and provides access to different clients.

Search prospects without a Linkedin sales navigator account

Let’s say you want to be proactive in finding and nurturing leads on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn’s original search may be a little limited, it’s pretty easy to spot relevant decision makers and partners. Enter the name of a specific [“Social Media Manager”] (with values) and / or company [“New Generation Leads”], or search for the individual term when looking for outgoing candidates. But let’s say you are looking for someone for a position in a particular company, but you are not 100% sure of the job title. Go to the People button on a specific business page. You will then receive a list of possible links with job titles and relevant links in front and between. Please check these titles before going before submitting connection requests. Also remember to connect with people who have connections in common first, for example: B. real co-workers or co-workers versus a friend of a friend. While connections through friends are valuable, connections through colleagues or co-workers are a better place to start because they know how to work best. Remember that you are likely to follow an external candidate’s “image” instead of fully connecting (yes, there is a difference). Then your contact will receive a notification. This is a smart way to present yourself as a role model to a leader without being to pushy.

Search prospects on Linkedin with advanced search filters

In that case you will need to work with Linkedin Sales Navigator. With this Premium account you are able to search prospects on Linkedin with advanced filters.

Costs Linkedin Sales Navigator

The average costs of a Linkedin Sales Navigator account differs but is around $100 a month. With this account you can search prospects in a more targeted way with advanced filters.

How to find hidden prospects in Linkedin Sales Navigator with a targeted company search


This tip is for sales reps who want to focus on a new vertical or an up-and-coming industry that they haven’t had exposure yet or just don’t know all their prospects in a known industry. In the LinkedIn Premium user interface, you get access to more advanced search criteria within your profile page. To access this functionality, you have to click on ‘More Filters’ from the top menu of your homepage.

This is the main interface for searching prospects. You have two ways to define search criteria in this interface – you can use standard filters for industries, job titles, locations or title function groups, or you can use advanced filters with all of these plus filtering by seniority level and head count size.

Receive a targeted prospects list for free

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