High quality B2B Leads, low costs

by Modern Personal Selling 

New Generation Leads is NOT a calling agency. They are ineffective, unpersonal and often even annoying. We are the New Generation. We develop new business to business leads smarter, faster and cheaper than calling centers or normal marketing agencies. We get you around the table with your prospects by modern personal selling: by growing your network on Linkedin and reaching out to them.


How do we generate your leads?

We from The New Generation believe that “old school” cold calling and online advertisements are not very efficient or effective anymoreOne of our unique ways to provide you with lots of quality business to business leads is by personal social selling and growing your network. We can make appointments or generate leads for you or your sales employees by acting online on their behalf on platforms like Linkedin. With our modern method of personal selling we do the prospecting and generate the new business leads so your sales employees can focus on the thing they are good at, selling and developing business!  

No cure – no pay! 

The method we do new lead generation with, has proven itself over and over so we are confident to offer you a no cure – no pay solution to companies from industries where we have data/conversion ratios from. We will set up a custom sales strategy for your company and fine-tune it along the way, driven by data. All your new leads and our activities can be followed and tracked in the digital reports we provide you.  

Transform Your Sales Process

Create aN online persona

We help your sales employees to update their profiles and become a personal brand of your company and authority for your target audience.


We  search for the right prospects. In the name of the sales manager we’ll get into contact digitally with your prospects to create new opportunities.

Increase Traffic

This will increase traffic to your website and online profile of your sales employees.

Connect With Leads

We connect the qualified leads to your sales employees by arranging a (video) meeting

Fill Your Pipeline

We make sure your pipeline will always be full and there is never a dull moment in sales again!

Log Sales Activity Easily

All our activities will be logged and saved for you to see. On our website or with a connection to your existing CRM. Supported systems are among others Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot and more. Even if you just work with Excel we have the solution for you. 

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