Sales TIPS

Tips for selling

If you are struggling to sell, you need to do this.


We all have trouble with sales sometimes. Either you are a veteran in sales or only just started it, if you’re not able to sell well, you should ask yourself – which actions you aren’t doing:

  • What is your mentality beforehand? (e.g. play songs you like, pep talk yourself in the mirror, looking at your idol, visualizing your mission, or anything that makes you happy and confident)
  • Are you adjusting the state of your physical body? (Ex: Adjusting diet, eating or exercising to increase energy, etc.)
  • So do you spend a few hours every single day staying on top of your game with sales and the latest sales training? (Ex: Watching Sales Skills training videos, books and learning more from your own business and other sources about what works and doesn’t work as well.)
  • Do you happen to be writing down (or maybe somewhere placing the job of logging) every single objection you possibly get, whether it be in the prospecting call, qualification step, presentation, trial close, close or referral process?
  • Do you have at least 5 strong rebuttals planned for objections that always get thrown at you?
  • Do you get enough prospects? I don’t believe in an “empty funnel”, but by the time you reach that stage it’s too late. You need Prospects . Make sure you fill your sales funnel with plenty of them – or else you’ll be in a World of Hurt!

If you don’t try any of the methods above then don’t whine or complain about your lack of sales.

Run through everything above for a week and see if you still feel the slump.

Sales is about effort, and trust me you can control that!

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