Raise capital for your start-up

We help you connect with 120.000+ venture capitalists and angel investors to kick-start your startup.

New Generation Leads does not only provide you with Venture Capitalists (VCs) and angel investors leads but guides you through the journey of acquiring your first seed funding successfully, including advisory with teaser- and investor presentation, company valuation, term-sheet negotiation and deal closing.

How do we raise your capital?

Trying to raise capital yourself without the right connections is a hell of a job. Old school cold-calling techniques or platforms don’t work anymore and result in less than a 0.2% conversion rate. Therefore, we initiate the funding deal and provide the introduction of your business to the Angel Investor and VCs professionally on your behalf, making the lead warm and increasing the conversion to 5%. We serve as your partner at each stage of business funding.

We at New Generation Leads believe in “initiating and closing deals with you and your matched investor”

Seed funding from €250.000 till €2.000.000

Meetings with the best matching investors out of our 120,000+ Investor database

Typical 5% conversion rate

Business insights to strengthen your proposal

Advisory from first Investor presentation till deal closing stages

Our services

investor meetings

We help you connect with the right Angel Investors and VC’s with vision and expertise to take startups to the next level 


Funding Proposal Preparation

We advice in the business plan, teaser, pitch deck, financial modelling, plan presentation and startup valuation


Guidance Through Funding Rounds

We help you attract early stage and/or seed  funding, from finding to negotiation & closing

Accellerate growth

We help you accellerate growth by attracting funding from investors that have the know and background

Never be out of Funding

We help you secure the initial business capital, so your business can take off!

Create Outstanding First Impression 

We help you prepare a teaser and investor pitch to make the best impression on angel investors

120.000+ Investors Network 

Leverage our network of potential investors to increase your ability to have an introduction and to increase your probability to acquire seed funding

Premium Funding Process Advisory 

Our experts guide you through each seed funding stage, including financials, planning,  negotiating term-sheets and closing the deal


Get Access to Different Funding Sources

Angel Funding 
Our customised approach matches you with the right angel investor according to your unique business needs, ensuring that you get access to different funding sources and receive a professional introduction that increases your chances of acquiring angel funding. 
Looking for Angel funding is most suitable if you are planning on raising a relatively smaller amount of funding for seed, pre-seed, or even a small series A round. Additionally, we provide you with consultancy on presenting your case in the best way possible to the investors. 

Seed and VC funding

Our contacts and network of angel investors and VCs consists of European investors actively participating in the start-up eco system. We help you position your business proposition in the best possible way.


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